Thursday, October 30, 2008

ON FIRE! Bp. Finn of Kansas City - MUST READ

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In light of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, and often heretical statements by those who claim to be "Catholic" yet defy the teachings of Holy Mother Church, the following article taken from Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's blog ( is most appropriate: (It is so wonderful to hear our bishops standing up as shepherds to fight off the wolves!)

"His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Finn, Bishop of Kansas City, MO speaks out in his column in the Catholic Key.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warriors with Our Eyes Fixed on Heaven

Last Saturday I had the privilege of consecrating the restored church of Old St. Patrick. This is the oldest existing Catholic church in Kansas City. It will serve as the Oratory for the Latin Mass community which first began here under Bishop John Sullivan, and for many years has shared the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows.

One of the beauties of the Traditional Latin High Mass that I celebrated is that it highlights a most profound aspect of the Mass, namely our participation with the Communion of Saints. The high altar, multiple candles, incense and Gregorian chant, collectively give us a striking image of the Heavenly Jerusalem which is our ultimate home. Every Mass celebrates this reality, but I must admit that the traditional Mass captured this magnificent expression of the ultimate hope and goal of Christians in a powerful way. We should reflect on this often, because the ultimate goal of everything we do is to get ourselves to heaven and bring with us as many as we can. [EXACTLY! This is the whole point of how we worship, the kind of building we worship in, what we put in it, and what we do in it. GET.TO.HEAVEN. If the aforementioned don’t help us in this goal, then they fail their purpose. They can be obstacles. This has been a theme of several sermons I have posted here and articles I have written. The present contrast of the older rite and how the newer rite tends to be celebrated, between the older churches and many of the newer, and even the texts themselves, alas, give us a lot to consider.]

The month of November begins with the two great celebrations: All Saints day (November 1) and the Commemoration of All Souls (November 2). These feasts celebrate our communion with the "Church triumphant" in heaven, and the "Church suffering" in purgatory. Today I would like to share a few brief comments about what we have sometimes called the "Church militant," the Church here on earth. [When was the last time you heard a BISHOP talk about the Church Militant.]

We, the Church on earth, have a very special challenge as participants in the grace and life of Jesus Christ to "fight" against the enemies of Christ’s justice and truth and light and life. We must be attentive to the demands of this daily "battle" in a peaceable but serious manner. [There are enemies and there is a battle!]

I am sometimes amazed at the casual manner with which Christians, Catholics included, take up our life within what Pope John Paul II rightly called the "culture of death." [Remember: the Bishop began with presenting the goal of getting to heaven. Make your own conclusion about where embracing the culture of death will get you!] The Church, by comparison, reminds us that we are engaged – by reason of our Baptism and Confirmation – in a battle, "not with flesh and blood, but with the principalities and powers, with the rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in heaven." (Eph 6:12) [A bishop who preaches about the Devil. God love him!] Jesus Christ has won the ultimate battle, but we, in the course of our human life must make our choice, determining on whose side we will live and die. Whose side will you choose?! [YES!]

What is at stake in this battle is our immortal soul, our salvation. My responsibility as bishop is with the eternal destiny of those entrusted to my care. [At this point I had to stop and go get more coffee! This is GREAT STUFF! It has not been fashionable to speak of the "cura animarum" for a long time, but here it is.] My total energies must be directed to the well being of those who otherwise may come under the spell of a radically flawed and fundamentally distorted moral sense, at odds with what our Mother the Church teaches. There are objective and transcendent truths. There is such a thing as right and wrong. There is a legitimate hierarchy of moral evils, and the direct willful destruction of human life can never be justified; it can never be supported. Do you believe this firm teaching of the Church? [This gets better and better. Yes! Put it in the form of a direct question!]

Did you know that in Canada priests and Christian ministers have already been brought before tribunals for preaching and teaching in support of marriage? [We Catholic bloggers need to give this fellow as big a megaphone as we can.] They are charged with "hate speech" against homosexuality. In light of the tyranny of choice growing each day in our own beloved country, we ought to be ready for similar attacks on religious freedom. [Indeed. I remember reading Michael O’Brian’s Eclipse of the Sun, set in Canada in modern times, and thinking that the hunting down of priests was a bit far fetched. Then I read in the news about what the Canadian parliment was doing. I read that same week a newstory about how a legislator in Kentucky was trying to remove from priests the right to keep material from confessions priviledged. It failed. But it was tried. ] We must not fail to preach the Gospel. We can not withhold the truth of our faith. That is why I will never be silent about human life. It is why I am proud of so many others – bishops, priests, deacons, religious and laity – who are not afraid to speak out about the values that matter most. What about you?!

Our Lord told His apostles that they would be hated by the world, just as He was. Nearly all of them died a martyr’s death. As warriors in the Church militant, we must never resort to violence. But we must stand up fearlessly against the agents of death, the enemies of human life. Human beings are not Satan, but we know too well that they can come under his spell. They can become willing agents of death, numbed and poisoned in this culture of death. What about you?!

As we begin this month of November, the month of the Church, let us call upon the Saints to inspire us, befriend us, and pray for us. Let us offer many prayers and sacrifices for the poor souls who have gone before us. They need our meritorious suffrages to help them reach heaven.

And let us resolve to be warriors of the Church militant; warriors with our eyes fixed on heaven. Let us ask God’s mercy and strength to persevere in our call – individual and collective – to holiness. Mary, Mother of the Church, Pray for us!

Enough said."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Has the work of the Home Missions any attraction for our young people?

I have been reflecting on this topic and submit to you the words of a famous home missionary founder and zealous priest:

"It has all the attraction of a virgin field of labor, calling out for heroic young pioneer souls who welcome hardships and sacrifices for Christ, to come and work the fallow soil, plant the seed of Christ's gospel, and gather abundant harvests. The people who give us the readiest hearing are mostly poor but kind and hospitable. There is no lack of opportunity to place our Faith before them. Though inclined to be reticent and undemonstrative, they feel and think deeply. The American spirit of fair play disposes them to give a hearing to anyone who has a message, whether they agree or not. And there is a growing lack of confidence among them in the ignorant type of roving preachers so common in rural sections. Once the admiration of these people is aroused, they are outspoken in their praise of Catholicity. Conversion, of course, is another thing. It takes time and labor and the grace of God, but results will eventually justify our efforts. There is sufficient opposition at all times to make the work interesting if interest were lacking already. This opposition may be expected to grow as our success begins to be made manifest. But the grace of God will conquer all if our efforts and prayers fail not. The Home Mission Field is a very inviting one for our bring, spirited and fearless youth of today." - taken from the Very Reverend William Howard Bishop's "A Call to Battle for Christ and Souls," published in 1942.

Additionally, the daily rule/horarium for the Rosarians is currently being tested and evaluated.

Please continue to pray for the Rosarians and for the conversion of America, especially in these troubled times of uncertainty!

Updates to the Site

Sorry for the delay, Folks!
I'll be adding to the site today.

God Bless!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a quick hello to everyone

Dear Friends,

I'll post a major update tomorrow to this site, regarding the Rosarians. As you can see it remains a work in progress!

Until then, may the Lord bless you and keep you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Morning Meditation

Dear Friends,

During my time in the Appalachians, the following Psalm continued to speak to my heart:

"I have lifted up my eyes to the mountains, from whence help shall come to me. My help is from the lord, who made heaven and earth. May he not suffer thy foot to be moved: neither let him slumber that keepeth thee. Behold he shall neither slumber nor sleep, that keepeth Israel. The Lord is they keeper, the Lord is thy protection upon thy right hand. The sun shall not burn thee by day: nor the moonby night. The Lord keepeth thee from all evil: may the Lord keep thy soul. May the Lord keep thy coming in and thy going out; from henceforth now and for ever." -Psalm 121 (Ps 120- Douay-Rheims)

May the grace and love of our dear Lord Jesus Christ remain with you always!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back from a Wilderness Retreat!

Dear Friends,

I'm back, fresh from a wonderful camping and hiking retreat in the Appalachians!
With daily Holy Mass, Holy Hour, spiritual talks, Liturgy of the Hours, & the rosary, it was truly an amazing time to grow closer to the Lord through the beauty of His creation.

It was truly appropriate, that while we were in prime home mission area, this past Sunday, 10/19/08 was the crowning feast of the patrons of the home missions, the North American Martyrs!

In reflection and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, my experience these past 5 days in the mountains of TN, NC, & SC, has continued to reinforce the need for the Rural Home Missions!

More updates to follow! Thanks for visiting!

In His Service!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Interesting Reflection on the status of Religious Life in the U.S.

Strong criticism of US religious orders from Vatican prefect

October 14, 2008

"Cardinal Franc Rode, prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, offered strong and trenchant criticism of older religious orders in the US during a recent talk in Massachusetts. ‘There are those who have opted for ways that take them outside communion with Christ in the Catholic Church, although they themselves may have opted to ‘stay’ in the Church physically,’ he said. Criticizing the ‘hermeneutic of discontinuity’ in postconciliar religious life and pointing to the vitality of younger communities, Cardinal Rode called upon religious to be faithful to the teaching of the Church, the person of the Holy Father, and the charisms of their founders."

This reflection continues further, but at the core of this document, His Emminence reflects how the Holy Spirit is working through new and emerging charisms, such as ourselves to restore the Catholic Faith to America!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Prayer in Autumn for Country Living

"GOOD and generous Lord, You have once more brought the year full circle, through planting and growing and ripening to harvest time, and autumn.

We thank You for the sun and the wind, the rain and the dew, the minerals of the earth and all the plants that grow and all the beasts and birds of farm and field. We marvel at Your wonderful ways of bringing food from the earth for man's good.

Dear God, help us to use Your rich gifts as You want us to. Teach us to share them with our neighbor when he is in need. Make us see, in the marvelous succession of sea sons, and in the growth and ripening of our crops, the merciful, generous hand of Your divine providence.

Help us to realize, too, that if we keep Your commandments and live according to the inspirations of Your grace, we shall also reap a plentiful harvest in the autumn of our lifetime: a harvest that we will be able to enjoy for ever and ever, where no rust can destroy, nor blight spoil any least part of it. Amen."
-National Catholic Rural Life Conference

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Oath...

Our Current Religious Oath:

"I,________, member (candidate/novice) of the Society of The Rosarians of the Poor Christ (currently a “de facto” Private Association of the Faithful) of my own free choice, on bended knees do solemnly promise and swear before Almighty God, and the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Queen of the Apostles, and the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, that I will consecrate myself for one year (for all my life) to the missionary apostolate in the rural areas and small towns of the United States and all works of the Society; and I further promise and swear that I will be faithful to the practices of poverty, chastity, obedience, and prayer, and obey the Constitutions of the Society and the commands of my legitimate Superiors. So help me God and these His Holy Gospels."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Sketch of Proposed Community Center Master Plan UPDATED!


Dear Friends,

Good morning! I've updated the following information:

Here's the latest sketch of the proposed Rosarian chapel and community center for the Rosarian religious. The first bldg on the right would contain 2 separate refectories (1 for the priests/brothers, 1 for guests) along with guest rooms upstairs for visitors. The first bldg on the left would be the Rosarian offices and Headquarters. Behind these two bldgs (which can't be seen in the sketch) would be 2 more identical (from the exterior) bldgs. The one on the left would be the Mission Education & Evangelization Center and the bldg on the right would be the Rosarian Gift Shop & Store, full of handcrafted items made by the homesteading families and the religious.

On either side of the Chapel would be the main gardens for the religious, along with a workshop and a barn. On the far side of the Chapel would be the priest/brothers area with their individual cabin cells and a Marian Grotto at the top end of the property.

An aerial view of the proposed community center would reveal that it is laid out in a cruciform shape!

Surrounding this immediate center would be the homesteads of Catholic families.

Pax tecum!

News on the Home Front!

9 Oct 2008


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of you have written to me, inquiring as to the current status of the Rosarians of the Poor Christ. We continue to exist in the early planning stages and are eagerly looking for your prayer, support, and expertise! Here's the latest news:

Currently, I am researching more information regarding the following Southern dioceses: Charlotte, Lexington, Knoxville, and perhaps Raleigh and/or Covington (KY). These all lie in the middle of, or adjacent to the core areas of the U.S. where the Catholic population makes up less than 1% of the total population. It is in these areas that I feel the Rosarians could do the most good!

I firmly believe in the necessity of the U.S. rural home mission apostolate, and the Rosarians would be based on the best practices and traditions of the Very Rev. William Howard Bishop, (founder of the Glenmary Home Missioners) and that of Fr. Price, ("The Tarheel Apostle" and great evangelizer of the former North Carolina Apostolate).

Fr. W. H. Bishop, as one of the earliest presidents of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, stressed the necessity of the Church's efforts in the rural backroads of America and the Catholic back-to-the-land movement, especially during the tumultous years of the Great Depression. Today, as the economic downturn & spiritual future of our country hangs in the balance, this renewed vision is needed more and more.

Ad Jesum per Mariam!

What's Your Mission?

-Do you have a pioneering and adventurous spirit?

-Can you "rough-it?"

-Do you desire to win souls to the one true Faith?

-Do the examples of the North American Martyrs and missionary saints inspire you?

-Do you desire to give your youth and your all to Christ through His Blessed Mother?

Then God may be calling you to convert America & serve the poor in the mountains with the Rosarians of the Poor Christ!

Ad Jesum per Mariam!

Two Wonderful & Inspirational Short Videos for You!

Faith of Our Fathers

Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora



Farming is a noble Christian occupation. The farm home is a most suitable place to rear a Christian family. The good earth is the greatest material gift of God to man.

WE KNOW that:
In this vocation we country people work closely with God in producingthe essential elements of life.

By making ourselves aware of the special graces and opportunities of thisway of life, and by cooperating with them, we and our families can mostreadily give glory to God and grow in holiness and happiness.

The earth returns greatest honor to God when through our care and labor,it brings forth an abundance for our family's needs and those of society, forthis generation and for those to come.


We will strive always to appreciate and hold fast to the spiritual values ofour vocation and to prevent the materialism of this age from blinding us tothem.

We will model our homes on that of Nazareth; by working, learning,playing, and especially praying together we will strengthen our faith inGod and our mutual love and unity; we will fulfill our obligation to be goodneighbors, faithful parishioners, loyal and active citizens.

We will regard our land as God's land; as stewards of His bounty we will conserve and improve it so that it will increasingly continue to give gloryto Him.

WE PRAY that:

Through God's grace we may have wisdom and strength to grow constantly in the virtues necessary for holy rural living: Faith, Hope firmly founded in knowledge of God's wisdom and providence, Love, Patience with the slow deliberate cycle of seasonsand years, Fortitude, Temperance, Compassion, Mercy, Zeal. Amen.

WE GIVE THANKS O GOD, source and giver of all things, who manifests Your infinite majesty, power and goodnessin the earth about us,we give You honor and glory.

For the sun and rain, for the manifold fruits of our fields,for the increase of our herds and flocks,we thank You.

For the enrichment of our souls with divine grace,we are grateful. Supreme Lord of the harvest, graciously accept us and the fruits of our toil, in union with Christ Your Son,as atonement for our sins, for the growth of Your Church, for peace and charity in our homes, for salvation to all. Amen.


O GOD, who taught Adam the simple art of tilling the soil,and who through Jesus Christ, the true vine, revealed yourself the husbandman of our souls, deign, we pray, through the merits of blessed Isidore, to instill into our hearts a horror of sin and a love of prayer, so that, working the soil in the sweat of our brow, we may enjoy eternal happiness in heaven, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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